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 Competitively priced, professional marine surveys and inspections on all types of boats up to 24 metres in length. Operating throughout East Anglia and the Northern Home Counties.

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Boat Safe Surveys Ltd. is a professional, independent marine surveying company based in the heart of East Anglia at the riverside city of Ely. We specialise in surveying motor boats & steel canal cruisers and can offer a comprehensive range of services to both private owners and buyers alike. The company was founded in 2004, initially focusing on boat safety examinations before expanding into full craft surveys and gas safety inspections in 2009. Drawing on many years of experience within the boating industry, we aim to give our clients the very best advice and service available in a clear, unbiased and professional manner.

The company is totally independent and our duty is to our client alone. We will not compromise the wording of our reports simply to get repeat referrals from marina operators and brokers. Word of mouth is key to our business success, with many customers recommending friends and colleagues about our easy-to-read reports that use plain English with a minimal amount of jargon and complicated technical terminology. Being a member of the Nationwide Alliance of Boat Surveyors & Examiners, the company is able to draw on a vast reserve of experience and knowledge outside its own area of expertise. So no matter what your vessel type or model, we are able to offer a competitive quotation for professional surveying services anywhere within the UK.